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About Us

The goal of GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY is to build charitable awareness and provide a single resource about our valley’s nonprofit organizations. An inquiring volunteer, potential donor, or business leader now has available a concise platform highlighting the diverse opportunities to make a charitable difference in our community.

GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY is a non-commercial guide featuring 501(c)(3) public charities creating a positive influence within the Wood River Valley. This Guide is an informational tool for residents and visitors who are interested in generating a tangible impression of their own.

We invite you to linger over the nonprofits’ profile pages. You will be introduced to new causes and perhaps gain a fresh perspective about organizations with which you are familiar. The selected photographs offer a visual connection with the mission of each nonprofit. The concise text provides exposure to each organization’s unique voice.

If these pages evoke a reaction, we encourage you to become even more acquainted with the organizations by visiting their websites and social platforms. Contact the organizations and begin a new path of experience within our community

GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization founded to publish this Guide. Our research discovered seventy-eight Wood River Valley nonprofits that meet the criteria for inclusion in this publication. Sixty-seven responded to our invitation to participate. We are heartened and enthusiasticabout the promise that lies ahead for our community.


A picture’s worth a 1000 words…

"I love that this Giving Guide not only gives any nonprofit making a difference here in our valley a chance to be equally represented, but represented in a beautiful visual format. Photos are a way to capture interest and emotion. I love that and am proud to be a part of it."

— Jenni Riley, Founding Director




Suzanne Hazlett

As founder and CEO of HAZLETT WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC and a former vice president with Merrill Lynch, for more than twenty-two years Suzanne has worked with private and institutional clients to understand their aspirations, earn their trust, help build their legacies, and preserve their investment assets during volatile markets.

While finance is her professional pride and expertise, investment in our community is her passion. Suzanne is president and co-founder of WOOD RIVER VALLEY STUDIO TOUR, an Idaho nonprofit organization that champions creative entrepreneurs while making art accessible to all interests and ages through an annual tour of artists’ studios.

Inspired by the abundance of charitable organizations and the benevolent spirit of visitors and residents in our small community, Suzanne founded GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY.


jenni riley

With more than twenty years of corporate and nonprofit operations and relationship management experience, Jenni’s position as Business Development Director brings a personal touch to the client relationship side of HAZLETT WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC.

As a founding board member of GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY, Jenni invests her time and collaborative skills in developing educational activities and publishing a guide for charitable contributors about Wood River Valley nonprofit organizations.

One of Jenni’s current volunteer roles is as a member of the WOOD RIVER WOMEN’S FOUNDATION, where she serves on the Education Committee. The focus of which is to increase philanthropy by women and to provide the community at large with information that will lead to wiser and more effective charitable giving.